Why You Are a Bodybuilder And Always Have Been

Maybe it was the first time you entered the high school weight room.

Or that first time you lifted a weight…

Heck, it might even have been that first magazine article you couldn’t stop referencing.

The truth is you are a bodybuilder, at heart, and always will be.

Over time maybe your strength training views have developed, evolved and changed how you train.

Your leg curls became Romanian deadlifts.

The bicep curl gave way to the chin up.

Your love for the lat pull down machine became your quest to master the deadlift.

The leg press was rendered obsolete the first time you performed a high rep squat workout.

The truth is, you became what you always were, a bodybuilder obsessed with building an amazing physique.

It’s nothing to shy away from. Instead it’s time our society embraced their strength training roots.

Long before functional training, stood bodybuilding. Way before the fitness industry disagreed on just about every topic, bodybuilding formed the foundation for developing the body we desired.

Gurus, self-proclaimed strength coaches, functional fitness zealots and the like didn’t exist.

It was simple, to build the physique you desired, you turned to bodybuilding.

You became a bodybuilder, whether you called yourself one or not. Men performed heavy squats and deadlifted weights that weren’t anything to sneeze at. It wasn’t because they wanted to be powerlifters it was because the routes of bodybuilding stemmed from old-time strongmen.

Women trained just like men, because if nothing else, they too wanted a sexy physique to show off among a gym full of male muscle.

And you know what? It worked.

Back then, training for strength, hypertrophy and aesthetics was ok – whether you were a man or a woman.

Posing, flexing and training for the pump were an acceptable means of the physique world and the gym.

Somewhere along the way, the era of bodybuilding was pushed aside and replaced by an industry full of functional lunatics.

We still train movements to target the muscles.

We still train muscles utilizing specific movements.

We still train to build muscle.

We still train to lose body fat.

We still train to look better.

For me, bodybuilding never went anywhere.

We as an industry simply forgot why we got started.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,


Tyler English




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  2. Tyler,

    Just bought your body building bible and love it! Keep up the great work!