What’s Your Vision?


I’m not perfect, nor do I have all the answers. I’ve spent the last three and a half years busting my ass to provide an environment that allows people to achieve a lifestyle of health and wellness.


As I started in this business, some 10 years ago, I thought I knew more than I did. I didn’t see the big picture. I didn’t understand what it actually took to succeed.


For me, this has all changed.


While the fitness industry, that should be uniting, has remained the same. Many fitness professionals still continue to be more concerned with battling each other over such topics as training systems, training programs and diets. Highly contested debates over strength training, cardio, nutrition, protein, carbohydrates, continuously find there way into our industry.


Don’t get me wrong, debate is healthy, it’s what makes us competitive and makes us passionate.


Debate is one thing, but many of these highly contested debates take on a mind of themselves, that is compromising our ultimate vision.


My goal since day one has been to help over 1,000 people in my local area, Farmington Valley, achieve a healthy lifestyle. This goal is now on the verge of being expanded globally and increasing that number to 1,000,000. I’m proud to say, my vision is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.


I wish I could say the same about our entire industry.










Haters are everywhere, it’s sad to see and even more sorry to say, but it’s true. I’ve had my share, and continue to have plenty of haters. As an industry we can’t allow these drinkers of the haterade to have any affect on what we do.


Move forward, ignore the critics and continue toward your vision.


Stop concerning yourself with whether an exercise should be called “squat and press” or a “thruster” or a “hip lunge” or a “groiner.” When you should start concerning yourself with the big picture and the vision you may have lost.


We didn’t get into this industry to fight over the fine details, we became involved in this industry because we want to help others and we love what we do.


Well, at least I did.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,






  1. I agree 100% brother!

    So many people in this industry with a scarcity mindset. Would rather worry about somebody taking “their bag of chips” rather than helping out. It’s pathetic.

    We are all in this industry because we care about people.

    Let the haters hate, while we make a difference!

    Keep up the hustle man