What Natural Bodybuilding Has Given Me

This piece was originally meant to be part of my book, The Natural Bodybuilding Bible, but as with any book, not everything makes the final cut. I thought the words I shared here were too important to keep hidden. This is why Natural Bodybuilding is a major part of my life. Enjoy. 

When I entered the bodybuilding world in 2005 all I knew, was what I read.

Reading and researching have continued to help shape my personal self. It’s learning from others that have helped build the foundation for who I’ve become as a business owner, fitness professional and bodybuilder.

In late 2008, I thought I’d made it. I’d become a WNBF Professional Natural Bodybuilder.

What I didn’t realize is there were flaws in my game. I’d been playing a guessing game and wanted to make sense of it all. After my first year competing as a Professional in 2009, I’d been humbled, missing the Pro World Finals by 1-point.

Shortly there after, I’d experience my emergency appendectomy and fall into a feeling of depression.

During my recovery period, in January of 2010, I’d also attend 4-time WNBF World Champion Nancy Andrew’s yearly Bodybuilding Pro Camp, as a presenter.

It was Nancy’s words of encouragement and eventual friendship that would become a driving force behind what sparked my early interest in a sport, I didn’t realize at the time, would become a major part of my life. It was at this seminar that I’d finally have the opportunity to meet and speak with Dr. Joe Klemczewski and his Diet Doc and Team K partner in crime, Kori Propst.

I was at a low point in my training, my nutrition and my bodybuilding direction. I’d lost weight, size, strength and my will to compete.

Our conversations took us to Joe’s development of The Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss Clinic, after all, I worked with hundreds of people looking to lose weight and feel better and Dr. Joe provided a great solution.

What I failed to realize, at first conversation, was that my simple conversation about business and client success would lead me to becoming a partner with the guy who has given Natural Bodybuilding contest preparation the direction it has always lacked. It was through Dr. Joe’s education, knowledge, coaching and guidance that I’d not only become the go to nutritional consultant in the Farmington Valley of Connecticut, but I’d become a well-known Professional Natural Bodybuilder by making a serious splash on stage in 2010.

I owe a ton of what I know as a nutritional coach, a bodybuilder and a contest preparation coach to Dr. Joe. It’s because of the team he’s built, with people like Kori, that I’ve developed a strong understanding for the psychological side of nutrition, training and bodybuilding.

I’ve gained a strong understanding of the art of posing because of friends like fellow professional Bill Murphy.

Fellow professional bodybuilder, fitness professional and photographer, Jordan Chabinsky has given me a new found respect for the art of stage photography.

It’s dynamic duos like Karen and Anthony Monetti that have allowed me develop a new found love for this sport and power couples like Liz and Evan Marcantonio who are true ambassadors of team work, while living a lifestyle that displays how to fit bodybuilding into your current life.

Since that conversation in 2010, to use a Dr. Joe phrase, fine-tuned my approach to bodybuilding and contest preparation. I’ve developed friendships with those above and many more that I consider my “Bodybuilding Family.”

Leaders in our industry, like Nancy Andrews, who I owe a great deal of gratitude, are the reasons I love this misunderstood sport.

The Men’s Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible, may be called a “Bible,” but my hope is that it will only become a stepping stone for the inevitable growth this sport will undertake in the years to come.

The sport of Natural Bodybuilding has given me so much in life, as I believe it will for many of you.

Bodybuilding may never define me, though it has helped shape the man I’ve become.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,

Tyler English

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