Stick to the Program

Dear Workout Tourist, Deal Jumper and Program Hoppers,

Sled Chick


I have something shocking to announce…

T25, Insanity, P90X, Crossfit, Boot Camp, Bodybuilding, and god knows what else…

Guess what? They all work!

Yes, it’s true.

So…stop your program jumping.

Stop looking for the next revolutionary product.

Stop searching Groupon for the best deal.

Please…stop it!

Here’s the key…

Stick with it!

Yes, stick with a program long enough to achieve success. Just ONE!

1) Commit to one strength training program.

2) Put down the shitty food. (Yes…nutrition is that important…)

3) Be consistent.

4) Move with vigor and listen to those who are coaching you.

5) Don’t blame the program for lack of commitment and don’t stop until you achieve success.

Trust me when I tell you this…no program is that revolutionary.

A squat is a squat, a plank is a plank, a deadlift is a deadlift.

Yes, some programs are the cream…but that’s a topic for another day.

And yes, a coach isn’t always a coach…but that’s a topic for another day…

I will say this…

If you believe your coach is inventing new types of exercises…revolutionizing the way we perform exercise…then please share…but the truth is what they are instructing you is either made up, pointless movements…or they are trying too hard to impress you…

Exercise isn’t that complicated!

…you are either committed to yourself or your not…

Don’t program switch or gym hop…be committed.

You might finally achieve what you’ve been searching for.

Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,