No Excuses

Unless you know me personally, you will never truly understand my commitment level and relentless nature.

I NEVER make excuses. If something didn’t get done, it’s my fault. If something didn’t work, I start over. Excuses are what make our world weak.

If you are to succeed in this world, in whatever you decide to do, you need to eliminate excuses all together.

Your actions won’t always go as planned, but you will learn from your mistakes and continue to move forward.  Because when your actions do go as planned, your commitment to success only increases with that victory, no matter how small or large.

Much of my desire to succeed in this world stretches beyond the fold of my explanation in a blog post.  Some day I will take the time to share it all with you, maybe in a book or something.  (Isn’t that an idea!)

What I can tell you is that in 21 months since starting this journey I’ve come to plenty of truths.  But I’ve also realized you too can succeed and build it your way.

The way I run my business will always have an edge to it. It’s what made me who I am today.

When I worked for the man I couldn’t be who I really am and was once told “to portray myself as who wanted to be, not who you are.”

WTF are you serious? That person is lucky they didn’t say that to me today because they might have been put in a rear naked choke!

It’s the same reason that a person I continue to lean on and admire, my business coach Pat Rigsby, has gone on record to tell others “don’t try to be the English Brothers.”

And he couldn’t be more correct.


My bro, Robert and I do things our way. Sure we find what works and stick to it. What we don’t do is offer things watered down or half ass.

Our clients know this, they see it, they understand it, know what we expect from them and they perform.

There’s too many “wannabes” and “copycats” in my industry. People who want to be famous, want to do what this guy has done, who want the easy start, they want to become “an expert” without ever having worked with a client.

Hell some of them call themselves “experts” because they know they “science” yet never have worked in their own laboratory to create real world results.

That’s why this industry is flooded with shitty programs for sale all over the internet.

Gain 10 lbs of muscle in 4 weeks, Lose 21 pounds in 21 days, Get Six pack abs without dieting.

Hell, I don’t even know if those are programs for sale, but you understand where I am going with this?

If you want to become a success then do what others won’t.

Start training those who you want to work with, even if the money isn’t there yet.

You want to work with athletes? So start by offering your services for free and recruit a female team to train. Talk to the parents.

After all every strength coach wants to work with the football team. So be different. And parents are the decision makers in these child’s lives.

Looking to start a boot camp? Then do it! What are you waiting for? The perfect facility?

Seriously? I started in a 400 square foot dance studio back room and karate studio inside an energy company’s building!

With 15 people paying me!

And NOT ONE boot camps with more than 8 people you could try this out.

Want to lose 10 pounds? Then start by exercising and cut the shit out of your life!

Want to compete in a bodybuilding or figure competition. Then start tomorrow. If you don’t know what to do seek out those who can help you.

Look you can continue to make excuses for why you haven’t done it or you can go out and become the person who made it happen.

What are you waiting for?

Work Hard, Train Hard, Live Better,


PS – A special thanks to my client and good buddy Joe Csida for sharing this video with me today!


  1. Tyler,
    I don’t try to be like you guys coz I have no hair and I’m from “Poland” mofo!

    For real though, you guys are the real deal and I respect everything you do because you put your heart, soul and full effort into it. Then you put that English touch on the end…..and that’s how it supposed to be.
    Your shit is your shit and it can’t be copied.

    I’m real glad I joined the “family” and we can’t take over this fitness world together, the right way.

    Keep killing it and know I got you if you need anything!


    • Luka bro, you live the lifestyle and for that I got nothing but respect man! Even if you are from “Poland” haha

      Keep doin you bro!

  2. Great information my brother! There are too many posers in this world in general, and an even higher concentration in our industry! You live it dude! Get after em!

  3. As an aspiring fitness model, nutrition expert and current contestant in a body transformation contest, this post certainly is much needed.

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to get all my priorities together. I have to survive on 5h of sleep every night through studies for next months’ A Level examinations, train 4 times a week and eat sub-par foods for the next 8 weeks. But I realise the challenges I face and I’ll work around it. As you said, there can be no excuses. Everyone has to start somewhere. I’ll go one more and say that there must and should be no regrets. None at all.

  4. Tyler,

    You are so on point with who you are, what you are doing and where you are going. Seeing that video and reading this blog entry really pumped me up. I’ve said this before, there is a reason for your success, and it is definitely not through any conventional business model, it’s all heart. I re-posted the video and gave a shout to you on Facebook. I had to, it’s too good not to spread the word.

    I was being true to my word, you are one of the professional natural bodybuilders that I look up to who provides me with extra motivation to work harder and do it better!

    Thank you,

    • Thanks Evan! Don’t look past your dedication and hard work the past few months! On November 6th it’s your day! Thanks for spreading the word!

  5. True that bruddah!

    You have to live a life of NO EXCUSES if you want to get to where you want go go.

    Plain and simple!

    Let’s keep going above and beyond and doing the things others WON’T do and crush it!

    Keep killin’ it homey!