A Complete Approach to Metabolic Strength Training – Part 1

Clients get bored. It is that simple. For our typical fat loss client, they get bored even quicker.


As a coach, trainer and motivator we need to stay on top of our game while building a program that ultimately has a clients’ long-term success at the route of it, while creating enough variety and enjoyment to keep them engaged.

I’ve never been one to take a linear approach with program design. Sure, a linear approach could work, but let’s face it, your clients will eventually become bored.

Even more importantly is controlling a clients training environment when life continues to create speed bumps along the way. To gain a better understanding of how the different forms of periodization lend themselves to everyday life, let’s evaluate each of your prototypical forms.

The Different Forms of Periodization

Linear Periodization = Lowering of Reps & Increasing of Load (Volume & Intensity)

Pros – Great for strength gains with consistent training

Cons – Doesn’t allow for accumulation of gaps in training cycle.

Non-linear Alternating Periodization = Alternating Between Volume and Intensity (Accumulation & Intensification)

Pros – Great approach to increasing intensity of a program while still allowing ample time for the body to accumulate to the training variable.

Cons – Forces a client to train in one training approach for an extended amount of time – ex. Hypertrophy – 4 week cycle, Endurance – 4 week cycle, etc.

Undulating Periodization = Alternating Between Volume and Intensity on a Workout-by-Workout Basis (Weekly as Well)

Pros – Allows for enough of a systematic approach to increase a clients volume and intensity while changing the training variable enough to maintain variety and achieve the desired outcome.

Cons – A client looking for more muscular endurance, hypertrophy etc. might benefit more from a combination of non-linear and undulating (something we will also program in to our Metabolic Programs at TEF)

The way I’ve always seen it, we want our clients to gain strength, something that initially we will see, but as they progress so too do our programs need to progress.

For athletes, implementing an Undulating format will allow for increases in strength, so to for our general population client.

For our general population client, a non-linear approach is designed to work around life’s challenges.

The way I see it and what’s worked best for the program design at TEF is a combination of both undulating and non-linear.

You’ll see the end result as an effective fat loss program.

Clients enjoy variety, but they want to increase strength while changing their body composition. So allowing a client to train for muscular endurance, hypertrophy, strength and power, all in one, will allow for a more complete metabolic training program.

After all, these clients aren’t training to become better athletes, they are training to look better, feel better and move better. For this purpose we can’t overlook one training modality.

I’ve put together some sample outlines on how you can program both undulating and non-linear together to create a complete metabolic training program twpnf1t.

Metabolic Strength Program

Week 1
– Workout A = 5 or 20 sec
– Workout B = 8 or 35 sec
– Workout C = 10 or 45 sec

Programming (Sample)
– Power
– Strength
– Hypertrophy

A Complete Approach to Metabolic Training

• 1-4 reps = 1-20 sec = Strength Development
• 5-8 reps = 20-40 sec = Strength / Hypertrophy
• 8-12 reps = 40-70 sec = Hypertrophy
• 12-15 + reps = 70-120 sec = Muscular Endurance, Stability, Metabolic Training
• Combined = Metabolic Training

Remember, an undulating approach will allow for increases in strength.

A non-linear approach is designed to work for around life’s challenges.

Combined, they equal an effective fat loss program.

Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,


5 Ways to Detox Naturally

Detox diets still seem to get the attention in the fitness industry. For the good and the bad, I’m not detox diet guy, I like real food, natural food, whole food and for that matter, I also like bad food, after all I am human.

Contrary to what you’ve been told before, you can detox your body with food and exercise. It just takes smart choices, lots of planning, execution and some time outside of your comfort zone.

Over the last 3 weeks I guess you could say I was on my own vacation. I married the love of my life and went on an amazing honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. It’s safe to say I ate too much and drank way too much alcohol, so if there is a time where my body needs a natural detox, it is now!

With my over indulgence in this time period, it was nice to come home and clean things up. It also got me thinking about what I could share with you, to help you recover from summer festivities, like vacation or the usual culprit, laziness and neglect.

I wanted to share 5 easy ways you can detox your body, naturally, with real food, exercise and some dedication.

5 Ways to Detox

1. Move With Vigor – Training intensely should be the goal. Exercise shouldn’t be easy, especially when working to get the most bang for your buck. In essence, you’ve done plenty of damage while on vacation or away from the gym, now is your time to move with purpose. Stop doing the bodybuilding workouts for a few weeks and start moving with more intent. Try introducing yourself to Mr. Huff and Puff and add in more Metabolic Resistance Training and Conditioning into your program. Total body strength circuits and sprints can go a long way, in a short time.

2. Consume The Muscle Builder – Eat more protein. Protein provides the body with essential amino acids to help rebuild damaged muscle fibers from intense exercise. Sounds simple yes, but when we vacation, make bad diet choices, this is often accompanied by a lack of protein in our diet, which can in the long run lead to a loss of lean muscle tissue. Protein also allows the body to feel satiety, keeping you satisfied and allowing you to spend more time between meals, to allow glycogen levels to fall in the body, so your body can access more body fat stores.

3. Drink The Clear Stuff – Not Vodka…Water, water, water. We typically, as a society, do not drink enough water. It’s what makes up the majority of our body and has great detoxifying principles, it’s good for your muscles, your blood vessels, and your gut health. Start your day with a tall glass of water at room temperature, easier on an empty stomach and continue to consume daily, not just when you eat, and aim for a gallon. The continuous bathroom breaks the first few days will subside the longer you stay consistent with your overall intake. Your stomach, workouts and muscles will thank you.

4. Twigs and Berries – Well, not really twigs, but vegetation of sorts. Vegetables, lots of green (no extra guac does not count) and lots of color are neglected in our daily diet and especially when we aren’t on our normal routine. Increasing your green intake will help control hormones that effect hunger and will increase your fiber intake, great for digestion. The next time you get ready to eat your next meal, start with a large green spinach salad with lots of veggies and a small serving of a fruit like blueberries or strawberries to ramp up the antioxidant components of your meal.

5. Be Naturally Hardcore – I know, you think I’ve lost it. Hear me out. Challenge your body’s self-control. You can do anything for a day, now think about when that day turns into a week, it’s gotten easier, then that week turns into 2 and 3 weeks. What I’m telling is to live your life but challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone. For the next 15-30 days cut out all the stuff you know isn’t right. Stop eating out, prepare your food, cut out the processed foods, eat more lean proteins, eat the greens you’ve been avoiding, cut back the carbohydrates and save them for post workout meals, commit to intense exercise and not only detox your body, but gain a new lifestyle. Naturally hardcore isn’t about the guy or girl who can deadlift or squat a ton of weight, it’s about the wife or husband, mother or father, business owner or executive who lives a busy life and still finds the time to do what is required to live by a set of principles that build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Now that is my definition of NATURALLY HARDCORE.

Give these 5 tips a go and let me know how you are doing.

Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better

Tyler English

Hierarchy of Fat Loss Made Simple

The majority of the clients I work with have some type of preconceived notion about fat loss.

Keep It Simple

Eat fewer calories.

Burn more calories.

Avoid carbs.

Perform more cardio.

Use high repetitions in strength training.

The funny thing is, some of these are true, but often over emphasized in the approach to losing unwanted body fat.

The hierarchy of fat loss is actually very easy to understand.

  1. Proper Nutrition (And NO I’m not talking about going on a diet, I’m talking about changing your diet.
  2. Metabolic Strength Training
  3. High Intensity Interval Training / Metabolic Conditioning
  4. Supplemental Cardio

Yes, that’s it. Seems easy doesn’t it?

Well the formula to approach losing body fat is a little more involved and actually can be summed up in the following.

  1. Keep Glycogen Stores (Carbs converted, now in the muscle) Low (Diet & Intense Exercise)
  2. Maintain Muscle (Consume a Positive Protein Synthesis)
  3. Lower Carbohydrates in Diet (But DO NOT Eliminate Them!)
  4. Resistance Training (The Higher Intensity the BETTER!)
  5. Preferentially Burning Fat (from stores in the body)

The real equation to fat loss success is the following.

High Levels of Fat Mobilization + High Levels of Fat Oxidation = Accelerated Fat Loss

To simply this equation to a client use the following.

Metabolic Work + Diet = Accelerated Fat Loss

Remember, simple DOESN’T Mean Easy

An effective fat loss program will look like the following 3-step process.

3-Step Process

  1. Mobilization
  2. Transport
  3. Oxidation

Our body has 3 energy stores that we need to be aware of.

3-Energy Stores

  1. Carbohydrates: Glycogen Stores/Levels
  2. Protein: Lean Muscle
  3. Fat

Mobilization (STEP 1)

In order to increase fat loss we need to first mobilizing body fat.

1. How do we get the fat out of the fat cells so that our clients can actually use it as a fuel source?

2. Breakdown the triglyceride within the fat cell into FREE fatty acids that enter the bloodsteam.

This ultra important first step, looks like the following.

  1. Keep Blood Sugar (Glucose) Low
  2. Glucagon Hormone Released = Signals Fat Cells to Activate “Hormone Sensitive Lipase” (HSL)
  3. Converts Triglycerides => Free Fatty Acids
  4. Transports FFA => Muscle & Liver to be BURNED

When HSL Levels are LOW, fat will mobilize slowly. When HSL is increased, fat mobilization will increase. This is also aided by increasing catecholamine levels in blood (dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine (adrenaline) levels need to be increased.

How do we do this, exercise, in fact, intense exercise creates elevated levels. As the intensity increases, the levels elevate and fat mobilizes. Another key overlooked component of this is limiting of insulin. Your body secretes insulin to remove glucose and HSL levels can be limited by insulin. Keep insulin levels low by following a reduced carbohydrate diet, DO NOT ELIMINATE THEM and exercising intensely is the perfect accent.

Transport (STEP 2)

The second step of transport can be simplified by the following.

When HSL levels in your body are high, fat cells will break down into fatty free acids and transported into the muscle, ultimately used as fuel.

Oxidation (Step 3)

When carnitine levels in the body are high (through the transport of fatty acids to energy) oxidation can occur. Ideally muscle glycogen stores have been lowered created an optimal opportunity for fat oxidation.

Remember, you can simply this 3-step process by the following simple equation, but that doesn’t make the process easy for you clients.

Metabolic Work + Diet = Accelerated Fat Loss

Teach them about carbohydrate management. Get them moving intensely. While keeping them accountable.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,


Tyler English

Stick to the Program

Dear Workout Tourist, Deal Jumper and Program Hoppers,

Sled Chick


I have something shocking to announce…

T25, Insanity, P90X, Crossfit, Boot Camp, Bodybuilding, and god knows what else…

Guess what? They all work!

Yes, it’s true.

So…stop your program jumping.

Stop looking for the next revolutionary product.

Stop searching Groupon for the best deal.

Please…stop it!

Here’s the key…

Stick with it!

Yes, stick with a program long enough to achieve success. Just ONE!

1) Commit to one strength training program.

2) Put down the shitty food. (Yes…nutrition is that important…)

3) Be consistent.

4) Move with vigor and listen to those who are coaching you.

5) Don’t blame the program for lack of commitment and don’t stop until you achieve success.

Trust me when I tell you this…no program is that revolutionary.

A squat is a squat, a plank is a plank, a deadlift is a deadlift.

Yes, some programs are the cream…but that’s a topic for another day.

And yes, a coach isn’t always a coach…but that’s a topic for another day…

I will say this…

If you believe your coach is inventing new types of exercises…revolutionizing the way we perform exercise…then please share…but the truth is what they are instructing you is either made up, pointless movements…or they are trying too hard to impress you…

Exercise isn’t that complicated!

…you are either committed to yourself or your not…

Don’t program switch or gym hop…be committed.

You might finally achieve what you’ve been searching for.

Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,


200 Random Thoughts About Being a Fitness Business Owner

I’ve been a fitness business owner for 5 years now. I’ve endured a lot, some will say more then most, my story is just that, one story. You have your story and that is what makes you unique.


I can tell you that everything I’ve learned over the past 64 months has lead to a stronger foundation inside my business. This piece of writing was started on whim, with a bunch of “random” thoughts and ended up with what some may call a powerful list of thoughts, lessons and statements about being a fitness business owner.

Call these what you will, they are from the heart, they are real, they can, may have already or will happen to you over time.

I have learned the hard way that I cannot always count on others to respect my feelings, even when I respect theirs. I always try to be the best business owner and person I know how, this hasn’t always lead to others being good.

Remember, you only have control of yourself and your business. Your business is yours; protect it with your life, because it’s what provides yours.

This is a list of 200 comments, statements, happenings, lessons and truths I’ve written at random. This isn’t “gospel” but they are real world.

Here are my thoughts…

  1. You are a business owner. Don’t expect everyone to understand.
  2. You are a brother, sister, father, mother, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, etc, first. Don’t expect everyone to understand.
  3. You have a life. Don’t expect everyone to understand.
  4. You have a significant other. Don’t expect everyone to understand.
  5. You have to operate the business.
  6. Working in your business sometimes is what your business needs.
  7. Working on your business is just as important, if not more important for your longevity and psyche.
  8. You don’t have all the extra time you’d like.
  9. Your work will take up a large majority of your life.
  10. You will struggle to find balance.
  11. Clients will come.
  12. You will change client’s lives for the better.
  13. Those same clients will go.
  14. Those same clients who have come and gone, will come back.
  15. Don’t compete on price, ever.
  16. Compete on delivering the best product out there.
  17. The help some people need is beyond the scope of your practice.
  18. People will talk about the amazing work you do.
  19. People will talk behind your back, in a negative light.
  20. Jealously and envy come with success.
  21. So too does support, love and respect.
  22. Other gyms will pop up around you.
  23. Some of those gyms will try to imitate your product.
  24. Let them try. Be better.
  25. Staff will come, staff will go.
  26. People will hold grudges, let them.
  27. Take the high road, even if it can’t be seen by all.
  28. People will lie to your face. Forgive them.
  29. You’ll learn the difference between those staff who are there for the long haul and those who are there for a paycheck.
  30. You are not there to be your client’s friend.
  31. You may become friends along the way.
  32. You will laugh.
  33. You will cry.
  34. Anyone can open a gym, not everyone can grow a gym.
  35. You’ll discover this as more and more open.
  36. People don’t care what you know, until they know you care.
  37. 4AM is normal.
  38. Leaving “work” after 8PM is normal.
  39. Working anything less than a 12-hour day is a break.
  40. People will ask you when you are going on vacation.
  41. What is vacation?
  42. Gain a strong understanding of basic fat loss nutrition.
  43. Grow this understanding to build a solid foundation of fat loss nutrition.
  44. Learn how to deliver this understanding of nutrition so a client understands it.
  45. Don’t be a dork, simplify your words for clients.
  46. Everyone will always say “I know your busy” yet what they don’t understand is we are all busy, in fact, “I’m busy” is the new “I’m good.”
  47. You will find your true love.
  48. People will mistaken your confidence for arrogance.
  49. No one will ever truly understand your passion.
  50. The only person loyal to your business is you.
  51. Being strong, will go far beyond your time spent with the iron.
  52. Respect the grind.
  53. You will struggle to delegate.
  54. You will live by your set of core values.
  55. These core values won’t seem so obvious at first, they are easier to find then you first think.
  56. Surround yourself with people who believe in these core values.
  57. You won’t call your mom enough.
  58. You’ll lose friends.
  59. You’ll gain new friends.
  60. The word “friend” will mean something entirely different then it did as a child.
  61. Practice what you preach. And I mean PRACTICE it. Save the “make believe” for the internet trolls.
  62. Ignore the haters.
  63. Take deep breaths daily.
  64. Mobility is oversold.
  65. You still need mobility.
  66. There is strength in stability.
  67. You don’t have enough mobility or stability.
  68. Too much laxity in training isn’t a good thing.
  69. Build stability.
  70. Be a badass.
  71. Provide feedback, both positive and negative.
  72. Train like a Strongman. Diet like a Bodybuilder. Mobilize like a Weightlifter. Think like a Powerlifter. (Thanks Brandon Lilly!)
  73. Learn how to squat, bench and deadlift.
  74. Don’t hate on overhead pressing, make sure your clients earn the right to press overhead.
  75. Core work is not overrated.
  76. Understand the importance of the hips.
  77. Surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart.
  78. These same people will be hard to find.
  79. It takes a special man/woman to love a fitness business owner.
  80. When you meet the person who stops you in your tracks, show them how much you love them, hold them tight, keep them by your side and make them happy.
  81. If given the opportunity to join a mastermind, do it.
  82. Network, pay it forward, ask for help.
  83. You don’t know it all.
  84. You can’t learn it all.
  85. Don’t be a robot.
  86. Focus on the now.
  87. Don’t be afraid to change, when change is required. You may lose something good, but you may gain something better. It’s called evolution.
  88. The programs that “get it” evolve. Be one of those programs.
  89. Don’t live for the weekends.
  90. Going without food is ok.
  91. You’ll lose weight due to stress.
  92. You’ll gain weight due to eating too much.
  93. When success grows greater you’ll fight the urge to become complacent.
  94. Systems are great.
  95. Great people are better.
  96. Just because someone is a good coach, doesn’t make them a great person.
  97. On that note, be a great person first, great coach second.
  98. You’ll meet a lot of coaches who think they are better then the rest.
  99. Read the E-Myth. Then read it again.
  100. The fitness industry is full of assholes.
  101. The fitness industry is full of amazing people.
  102. For every asshole you meet, there are hundreds of hungry coaches who want success as bad as they want to breath.
  103. Not every coach is meant to be a fitness business owner.
  104. Being “the owner” doesn’t mean you coach all day.
  105. Some of the amazing people you meet in the fitness industry will become your best friends.
  106. Some of the best coaches in the fitness industry aren’t in your favorite magazines or blogs.
  107. Accounting sucks, but you better understand how to read a P&L, Balance Sheet, and the like.
  108. You’ll love your Accountant.
  109. You’ll hate your Accountant.
  110. Just because you’re business grows, doesn’t mean your paycheck grows.
  111. Start your business for freedom, not to get rich.
  112. Train to get strong.
  113. Train your clients to get strong.
  114. Spend some point of your training life getting as strong as you can.
  115. Spend some point of your training life getting as lean as you can.
  116. Balance your macronutrients.
  117. Know what the hell macronutrients are.
  118. Every newbie in the fitness industry is an expert in their eyes.
  119. The 10,000-hour rule isn’t respected anymore.
  120. You won’t read enough.
  121. You’ll read too much.
  122. Reading will become a must. Read things outside the norm, for example, read true stories like “Back in the Fight” and you’ll discover that your life isn’t that difficult.
  123. Clients will cry.
  124. Clients will treat you like their therapist.
  125. Training people in a group format is the smartest thing you can do for your business.
  126. Create an experience like no other.
  127. The majority of the clients you see in year one of business, will be in better shape then the clients you see in year 3, 5 and so on.
  128. To summarize the above comment, our society is becoming more deconditioned.
  129. A deconditioned society means your program should evolve.
  130. Sweat angles are not the future of fitness.
  131. Understand the true art of metabolic training.
  132. If it were easy, everyone would do it.
  133. It’s the hard that makes it great.
  134. Develop rough skin, you’ll need it.
  135. Having a degree in the field doesn’t qualify one person more then the next.
  136. The amount of certifications you have means nothing.
  137. What you learn and implement is far more powerful.
  138. Study.
  139. Be the lion.
  140. Why do you want this?
  141. Know your “why?”
  142. Failure is not an option, but you will fail, only to succeed again.
  143. Do not fear failure.
  144. Admit your failures.
  145. You will give lots of sweaty hugs.
  146. Impossible is nothing.
  147. Own a dog, or two.
  148. Empower your team.
  149. Know the difference between a true teammate and someone who is only in the game for themselves.
  150. You only have 24 hours in a day.
  151. Writing won’t come easy.
  152. Writing a book is an amazing experience.
  153. Don’t write a book, just to write a book.
  154. Just because your writing isn’t published, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.
  155. Write when you feel the need.
  156. Share your writing if you feel the need.
  157. Don’t stop writing.
  158. There are a lot of great marketers in the fitness industry.
  159. Be a great coach, develop your system, then share it with the world.
  160. Clients can achieve results by cutting out the crap and walking daily. This doesn’t mean they are doing it right.
  161. Teach your clients about creating a lifestyle that will equal long-term success.
  162. Remove the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary.
  163. Doing nothing, planning nothing, preparing nothing, will lead to nothing.
  164. Understand periodization. Linear, non-linear, undulating and why each works or doesn’t for your clients.
  165. Study strength training. And I mean STUDY IT!
  166. You’ll be burnt more then once.
  167. Have a good lawyer.
  168. Ask for help.
  169. Give more then you get.
  170. Knowledge is power.
  171. Share your knowledge.
  172. You’ll forget more then you know.
  173. You will mentor someone who will move on.
  174. Not everyone is meant to be in your life.
  175. When something is wrong and you can help, lend a hand.
  176. Not everyone will want your help.
  177. Saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t mean you are giving up your power. Saying your sorry often times makes you a better person.
  178. Staying small is ok tamiflu generic.
  179. Barbells are great, that doesn’t mean every client should use them.
  180. Make your clients earn the right to perform a given movement.
  181. Understand energy systems.
  182. Understand not all energy systems are created equal.
  183. Don’t just throw a bunch of random shit together for your clients to perform as their workout.
  184. Clients are there to progressively get better, make sure you program reflects that. Random isn’t the answer.
  185. “Foo Foo” fitness programs will survive….because not everyone knows the difference.
  186. Sleep is for suckers.
  187. Dreams do come true, with a lot of work.
  188. You’ll put everyone else first for a while.
  189. It’s ok to put yourself first.
  190. You’ll be a critic of all the new fitness equipment toys.
  191. Your time is precious; guard it with your life.
  192. You’ll be dealt curveballs, hardships, struggles, battles, and challenges that will only be defined on how you react to them.
  193. The best solution for the above, be proactive, not reactive.
  194. Being proactive isn’t always a choice, so remember 90% of what happens to you is how you react to it.
  195. Study the best in the industry. They’ve been there and done that.
  196. Focus on better, not perfection.
  197. More is not better, better is better.
  198. Time is the greatest gift.
  199. Time is the biggest factor for greatness.
  200. Be great.

Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,

Tyler English

PS – Did I miss some? Do you have your own to add? Please leave a comment with some “thoughts” of your own! I’d love to hear them.

PPS – I’m constantly asked to share more with the fitness industry. That’s why I’m so proud to share this awesome system with the world => Elite Training System


13 Things 2013 Taught Me

2013 had lots of ups and downs in my life. I’m sure this is no different then how many people might look at the past twelve months. I know I’ve learned more about myself this past year, then in any of my previous 30 years on this earth. At 31, I’m seeing things in ways I never have and approaching life in an entirely new way.

2014 is going to be a special year for me. I’m marrying the love of my life and doing some things I’ve never done before.

Get comfortable, being uncomfortable. This has always been one of my favorite mottos to live by. There have been times I’ve lost sight of this and I plan on continuing this with newly found vigor in this new year.

With so much happening around me and some exciting things awaiting me, I now often have to remind myself to focus on being better, not perfect.

Better is what we all deserve in life.

The things I learned in 2013 made me a better person.

My 13 Things

13. I’m just starting to scratch the surface of what I have to offer the fitness industry. After a decade in this industry I now see my bigger purpose and I’m ready to take that next step.

12. Giving back and doing things for those in need is one of the most powerful actions we can take in life.

11. A good man doesn’t become complete until he has a great woman to share his life with. For me, that’s my soon-to-be wife, Lindsay. She completes me.

10. I need to share more of my knowledge with those who will benefit from it. This includes, writing, blogging, videos, programs and the like. Keeping it bottled up does no one any good, spreading this knowledge to those who can utilize it, is when the magic happens. I saw this on a bigger scale then I could ever imagine when I published The Natural Bodybuilding Bible and I’m excited for the future possibilities.

9. My “title” in this industry isn’t limited to one word and anyone who thinks of themselves as one thing is self-limiting their possibilities. I can consider myself a personal trainer, strength coach, lifestyle coach, nutritional consultant, body transformation coach, motivator, writer, author, bodybuilder, athlete, speaker, business owner, facility manager, and entrepreneur, to name a few.

8.  My impact in this industry only matters if I continue to help people find their love for fitness while working hard to create a healthy lifestyle.

7. Your real friends will be there when you need them the most.

6. I’m a professional natural bodybuilder that loves to train but is not married to one form. I learn from everyone whether I agree with their lifestyle, or their personal, political, religious choices and what not. This stretches far outside the walls of the fitness industry. If you can make me a better strength coach, trainer, nutrition coach, bodybuilder, weightlifter, powerlifter, writer, educator and person, then I’m listening.

5. Cherish your family, because you never know when life might change things.

4. Tell people you miss them. It’s ok to not want to be alone.

3. Love those who love you by showing them and telling them often.

2. Forgive those who have wronged you in any way. This will sting and it hurts but being the bigger person will help you move forward, even if things might never be the same.

1. Say you are sorry. It’s probably the toughest thing to say and yet we all make mistakes, even when making the right decision. No one is perfect and no one does and or says all the right things. And remember, when you say “I’m sorry” be sure you mean it in your heart.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,

Tyler English

Isolation Exercises for Strength Gains

“Oh he’s a bro-builder who only cares about bicep size.”

“He is a freakin bodybuilder… “

“This dude is a meathead…”

“I thought this guy ran a metabolic training facility?”

“This is functional?”

I know, I know, those are your initial thoughts, but hear me out for a second.

How many of your personal training clients (think general population) can’t perform a chin-up, grip a 200 or 300 pound deadlift or perform a push-up?

Our population is de-conditioned and WEAK!

Would a small volume of direct arm work aid in increasing grip strength, while continuing to improve pulling and pushing strength?

…Oh you bet my friend.

We know that improving a chin-up requires performing a chin-up and most of the time with some added assisted. For us, this comes in the form of resistance training bands from the one and only Dave Schmitz.

What else can we do to improve this chin-up? Deadlift? Push-up?

Of note: these movements are performed after we’ve tackled chin-ups or deadlifts or on days chin-ups are not performed.

Isolation Pulling – Some You Have Done and Some You Avoid

1. Dumbbell Single Arm Row – powerlifters do it to improve lat strength, why not the regular ole’ gym goer?

2. DB Hammer Curl – yes, the bicep curl but performed in a neutral grip to not only increase a client’s bicep strength but also increase grip strength. We place these at the end of a training session.

3. Band Hammer Curl – using our favorite Resistance Training Bands again, we have our clients step into them and perform rest pause sets of 50 or 100. It allows them to “feel” the muscle and places an emphasis on the eccentric portion of the movement, something we know many clients ignore on a chin-up.

Isolation Pushing – Some You Have Done and Some You Avoid

1.   French Press – oh the good ole’ “skull-crusher” (I know I’m totally acting like a meathead today) and a great isolation movement utilizes by the strongest lifters in the world to improve pressing abilities.

2.   Band Pushdown – love me some pushdowns, as do my clients. It allows clients to “feel” the triceps and focus on the eccentric, just like the band hammer curl. It translates very well to the pushup, as clients need to learn to build tension in the triceps on the eccentric of the movement.

3. TRX Prone Tricep Extension – not only a killer anti extension core movement but an awesome tricep isolation movement. Use this to create more bang for your clients buck and get them improving their pushing strength.

These movements are great for building strength in those muscles that will only improve our clients pushing and pulling abilities.

If for nothing else, they’ll love the “feel” of it all.

Go ahead…tell me they won’t.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,


Tyler English




Are You Searching For Motivation?

Monday motivation.

Next Chapter

It’s what most people look as they roll out of bed on a Monday morning and wipe the crust out of their eyes upon waking.

Whether we are heading to the gym at 5am or going to work at 7am, it’s not because we are always motivated, but instead because we made a commitment to our job or a commitment to transforming our health.

“There’s no abiding success without commitment.” – Tony Robbins

We live in a world where people are in a constant search for motivation and often times, to their surprise, never find it.

Is motivation the answer to their problems or is this only part of the equation?

Motivation is nothing, without a commitment.

A commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.

A commitment makes achieving your goals, that much easier.

The “want” is motivation, the “get” is commitment.

After all a goal is a desired result a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.

Your motivation is a physiological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors

In my world, you make the commitment, set the goal, search for that inner drive, your motivation, to reach that goal in a time sensitive manner or deadline, but always remain committed to the cause.

This goes a long way in fitness. Every time someone sets a goal before making the commitment to changing their behaviors, they are setting themselves up for failure.

Think of it this way.

Do you set a goal to eat healthy or do you make a commitment to eating healthy?

The goal is to lose 20 pounds, but this doesn’t happen without a commitment.

Your motivation may be that summer beach vacation or wedding that is only 3 months down the road.

You don’t achieve that goal, without remaining committed to the lifestyle change and motivated for that vacation or wedding.

Success does not come without your commitment.

When I asked my fiance’ Lindsay to marry me, I wasn’t making a goal to be faithful. I made a commitment to her for the rest of my life.

There’s a big difference.

When it comes to fat loss, building muscle, gaining strength, you may have a goal in mind, but you need to make the commitment first.

The muscle building motivation may be big biceps and more attention from girls, they commitment is training your ass off five days a week and eating like a champion competitive eater while setting a goal of 20 pounds of muscle in 6 months or by your next birthday.

This goes the same, no matter the driving force behind that commitment.

Example #1

If you are overweight and looking to lose 20 pounds then make a commitment to changing your nutrition, eating more protein, watching carbohydrate levels, drinking more water and strength training at least 3 times a week.

Now set goals that will help you with each component I mentioned and more.

The motivation can come in all different shapes and sizes. It might be looking great on a wedding day, getting back into those old pants, an upcoming vacation or the motivation provided by a hired professional who constantly reminds you about that wedding day, vacation, etc.

Example #2

If you are a skinny guy who wants to build 20 pounds of muscle over the next 6 months then start eating more lean proteins, more quality complex carbohydrates, focus on the compound movements and start following Jason Ferruggia.

Now set your goals based around the markers that will get you bigger.

The motivation might be that girl who never recognizes you during your family beach vacations, making that varsity football team next year or you just want 18” biceps!

Example #3

If you are someone who wants to minimize your low back pain make a commitment to improving your quality of life by increasing movement by placing a greater emphasis on mobility, flexibility, greater core strength and start following MobilityWod.

Now set your goals to address each of these factors.

The motivation is waking up every morning and not having to gingerly roll out of bed, or being able to pick something up off the ground without having to worry about your low back every again.

The 3-Step Process

1. Make the commitment.

2. Set a goal(s) with a deadline.

3. Find the motivation and keep that motivation at the forefront.

“Anyone can dabble, but once you’ve made that commitment, your blood has that particular thing in it, and it’s very hard for people to stop you.” – Bill Cosby

Now, I ask you again.

Are you committed?



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Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,



Tyler English


31 Influences

Today is my 31st birthday and instead of just posting the typical “31 Lessons in 31 Years” I wanted to give some love to those who’ve helped shape my success in the fitness industry.

Below are the 31 people who over the last 5 years have really had a lasting impact on my success this industry. I should mention, you won’t find the names of everyone in my mastermind group, but each deserves a big thank you for always having been there for me.

These people are in no particular order, and this list could easily be expanded to well over 100, but each of these 31 deserves a thank you for attributing to my fitness success.

BJ Gaddour

BJ Gaddour – To many BJ, is the crazy guy who basically put Boot Camps on the map. BJ has not only become an inspiration and mentor, but a friend. He’s become ultra successful with his Speed Shred series with Men’s Health and I can’t help but think shaped the way I developed my training system from day one.


David Jack – There aren’t many people in the fitness industry, let alone in this world, as genuine as David Jack. From the first time he and I talked shop, to his first visit to TEF, we’ve remained friends and his words of wisdom, life, success, faith and happiness resonate strong today.


Dave Gleason – If it weren’t for Dave Gleason, I’m not really certain I would have developed the level of passion I have for developing the youth of tomorrow. There isn’t a coach in our industry better than Dave at connecting with kids, especially those between the ages of 6-13. Outside of coaching, Dave consistently, more than anyone in my network, outside of Pat Rigsby and Ryan Ketchum, reaches out and checks in on me. I’m always motivated by Dave’s words to me: “The world needs you.”


Pat Rigsby and Nick Berry – I could probably write an entire book on what Pat and Nick have done for me in such a short time. Most people hear me talk about my relationship with Pat and Nick, as my business mentors, what you don’t know is how they’ve been there for me, during all the madness since I began my journey. Pat particularly isn’t afraid to tell me what sometimes I don’t want to hear. It’s this level of support and advice that have helped me get where I am today. Their mentorship, advice and ultimate friendship have gone far beyond I ever expected.

ketchumwil fleming

Ryan Ketchum and Wil Fleming – Ryan and Wil have always pushed me to continue to better what I’ve created at TEF. As owners of Force Fitness and Performance in Bloomington, Indiana, they can associate with so many of the ins and outs and ups and downs that I battle as a fitness business owner. More than anything is their continued support and friendship. For Wil, it’s been seeing him grow as an expert in his field and expand his writing, in an industry that needs more doers like Wil. For Ryan, he’s been my voice of reason and support. If I need to talk shop, bounce ideas or just voice my mind, Ryan is always there.


Craig Ballantyne – Many people know about Craig and his Turbulence Training. For me, it was many of Craig’s first fitness business products that helped me get started back in 2008. What impresses me even more about Craig is his ability to give so much quality information away, before he asks for anything in return. Something he’s continued to do even as he’s become more and more successful. It was Craig who first sent me the book The Go-Giver, which should speak volumes about his character.


Eric Cressey – If you don’t know Eric Cressey and you are a strength coach, then you’ve been living under a rock. Eric rose to the top of the fitness industry at such a young age and has continued to educate pro’s like myself, with his amazing understanding of the overhead athlete and shoulder health. In a world where the majority of my clientele can be categorized as general population and recreational athletes, a healthy shoulder makes for a happy client. His facility Cressey Performance is one of a kind and it’s been an honor to present at the Elite Training Workshops and contribute to the Elite Training Mentorship, along side Eric.


Mike Robertson – Mike changed my views on helping people move better and feel better. His approach to corrective exercise is more about helping you gain strength, than treating a client like a fragile piece of china. This has allowed me to keep my clients healthy and gaining strength. Just like EC, presenting and contributing alongside Mike as part of ETM has been very surreal.

pmacjason c brown

Pam MacElree and Jason C. Brown – In an industry that will forever continue to be torn, especially with the use of tools like the kettlebell, it’s reassuring to have tightened my kettlebell skills with help from these two. I’ve had the honor of gaining my Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 and Level II certifications because of Pam and Jason, while gaining two friends in the process. Pam and I have continued to develop our business relationship as she’s since joined my mastermind group, a great addition I might add, and not to mention she can perform a Turkish get-up with a heavier kettlebell then every man I know.


Zach Even-esh – To quote Zach, “Lead from the front.” It was Zach who opened his doors to me back in 2009 and has remained the same since. Zach’s drive and work ethic are inspiring to say the least. He’s one of the most passionate strength coaches in this industry and I’m honored to call him a mentor and friend.

tom venuto

Tom Venuto – Unlike how most people find Tom, I started following Tom because of his love for natural bodybuilding, but quickly discovered he and I had more in common than I originally knew. We are both in the world of transforming physiques, both bodybuilders and everyday men and women. By chance, when Zach Even-esh invited me to speak at his mastermind group meeting, I got to meet Tom. We’ve been in contact since and he’s been a motivating factor in many of my upcoming projects.

dr joe

Dr. Joe Klemczewski – When I began natural bodybuilding, I never thought I’d reach the levels I’ve since achieved. Being considered a “top pro natural bodybuilder” has a lot to do with my work along side Joe. It was Dr. Joe who changed my approach to bodybuilding contest preparation and peak week. Without his knowledge, education and coaching I wouldn’t be where I am today, in the sport of natural bodybuilding. Joe’s outlook on helping fight the obesity epidemic is why I brought the Diet Doc to Connecticut as part of TEFS.

jason ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia – The Renegade as many know him, has become much more to me than an inspiration and mentor in the strength game. Jason has become a trusted colleague and friend. Plus, how can you not like a guy who shares an affinity for Pearl Jam and Public Enemy? His wife Jen is pretty amazing too and I’m positive that she’s the one that sends me all his new t-shirts! Thanks Jen! (and Jay!)


Coach Robert Dos Remedios – Coach Dos helped me shape my approach to Metabolic Training. His book Cardio Strength Training remains a must read for any young strength coach who comes into my network or for those looking to impact people’s lives through movement. Not to mention, the dude loves beer, how do you not get along with a guy who not only like beer but uses it as an outlet to raise money for dogs in need => HELP THE DOGS!


Dave Tate – Dave, to most is known as a well-known powerlifter and the founder of EliteFTS, but to me he’s been much more than this. Dave deserves a ton of respect for bringing the powerlifting and bodybuilding worlds together. It was many of Dave’s articles and ebooks that allowed my training to reach new levels of strength and muscle growth. For me personally, Dave showed me that bodybuilders can still be strong and look good. Something I strive for every time I step in the gym.


Lou Schuler – I first met Lou Schuler back in 2008 when I was a health club personal trainer, what I didn’t realize at the time, was his “speed coaching” session would continue to drive me to this day. Lou’s is, in my opinion, the most established writer and author in the fitness industry and someone who I continue to follow.  He’s published more books and written more articles than he probably remembers. That’s why I was unbelievably honored to have been recently interviewed by Lou INTERVIEW CLICK HERE


Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove – Alwyn and Rachel since my early years in the industry have inspired my outlook on metabolic training and running a successful fitness business. It was Alwyn’s take on group training that has helped my team and I deliver a top-notch level of programming and coaching at TEF. Rachel’s ability to rise to the top as a strength coach, in a male dominated industry, along with her passion for running a fitness facility are only some of the components that have helped make Results Fitness the industry leader it is and allowed me to strive for achieving just half of the Cosgrove’s success.

eric beard

Eric Beard – Eric was the first “outside” fitness professional I met when I originally got NASM-CPT certified back in 2005. It was Eric’s understanding of human movement, anatomy and biomechanics that inspired me to educate myself even greater. I can associate my love for self-myofascial release, recovery and regeneration, to my education through Eric. The man is a hidden gem in this industry and someone I continue to follow and look up to.


Joe Defranco – I began following Joe thanks to Zach Even-esh and it was Joe’s take on training that really allowed me to transform my own hybrid approach to building muscle. To this day, I personally, don’t only train like a meathead and I have Joe’s outlook on training to thank for this. Much like many of the people on this list, he’s an even greater guy in person. Having only met once, at a UFC fan expo, where I displayed my 37 and a half-inches vertical at the Defranco and G.I. Nutrition booth (I had to throw that in). Joe is someone every aspiring strength coach needs to study.


Chris McCombs – Chris was the first person who showed me the power of the Internet for a personal trainer and how it can impact your fitness business. Since then, Chris has continued to help fitness professionals make more of their role in this industry, while being true to who he is. Thank you to Chris for always being real with this industry and myself.

LouieAJ roberts

Louie Simmons and AJ Roberts – If it weren’t for my friendship with AJ Roberts, I never would have been able to meet Louie Simmons nor spend a morning training at the world renowned Westside Barbell. To quote AJ, “don’t tell Lou you are a bodybuilder.” Whoops! My fault. Because to quote Louie (when he found out), “Oh I’ve got some shit for you.” But I survived and to this day study the mad methods of Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell, so thank you AJ Roberts for that and inspiring the knowledge I’ve collected from powerlifting.


Todd Durkin – This man is the essence of passion. If you’ve ever seen him present, then you understand exactly what I’m saying. It’s an honor to be associated with guys like Todd, Dave Jack and BJ Gaddour within Men’s Health. His training facility Fitness Quest 10 is tops in our industry and one that every facility owner should take notice of. Todd truly brings it day in and day out, something I’ve aspired to do everyday of my life.


Dr. John Berardi – Dr. Berardi’s sensible approach to general nutrition, fat loss and sports nutrition have allowed me to continue to develop my nutritional knowledge, while allowing my clients to achieve greater results. Any fitness professional that hasn’t studied Precision Nutrition and Dr. Berardi, is doing their clients a disservice.


Dave Schmitz – “The Band Man” revolutionized the way we train with resistance bands and has made a lasting impact on how my clients use bands. As I always say and will continue to say, “When I’m 50 I want to be Dave Schmitz.” The man is full of energy and passion that I’m convinced only increases every time you meet him.

nancy andrews

Nancy Andrews – If it weren’t for Nancy, I probably wouldn’t have become the bodybuilder I am today. It was her advice that took me to my second competition, competition that I hadn’t planned on competing in, I’ve since competed in 20 natural bodybuilding competitions. I’m honored to call Nancy a friend and someone that has allowed me to create such lasting impact in the lives of many other aspiring natural bodybuilders.


Nick Nanton – I owe Nick for getting me back into writing and fulfilling a long-time dream of mine, to become an author. Thanks to Nick, I was able to co-author two International Best-Selling books with many of my respected colleagues. Nick has continued to deliver amazing content on maximizing your personal brand and remained someone who I admire and respect as he’s continued to value my personal growth and success as an author.


Bob Burg and John David Mann (The Go-Giver) – The Go-Giver is the first book I read that made a lasting impact in my life. Thanks to this story, I continue to operate my business by mirroring the message in The Go-Giver.

arnold old

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Arnold lead me into the gym at a young age and continued to inspire my love for bodybuilding, even in an age of functional training. It’s been great to see Arnold come back to the fitness industry while continuing his support for the sport that got me started. You can’t help but mention Arnold, when you talk about bodybuilding and that is something I’ll never forget.


Brian Grasso – I owe a lot to Brian Grasso and my involvement with Men’s Health. It was his recommendation that put me on the Rodale’s radar. I’ll never forget that BG, thank you for always showing others to be themselves, in an era where too many clones take shape.


Bill Phillips – Every fitness professional who runs any type of transformation challenge with our clients, owes a great deal of gratitude to Bill for paving the way with his Body-for-Life Challenge. I haven’t forgotten this and can only thank the man for laying the foundation for the 49-Day Challenges I’ve continued run with great success.


Greg Glassman – Yes, the founder of Crossfit deserves our attention and respect. Over the past 5 years I’ve continued to grow my business and my training system, in an era where most people associate all high intensity exercise, as Crossfit. You can’t ignore that Crossfit has required all fitness business owners to raise the bar, not only the coaching, but the client experience. Look there are bad personal training programs everywhere, bad gyms, bad fitness boot camps and bad CF boxes. It all boils down to programming and coaching. The elite level CF owners and coaches have picked up the slack, by providing smart programming. Just look to guys like Kelly Starrett and his book Becoming a Supple Leopard for proof. The true understanding of what Crossfit is, may be clouded, but you can’t deny it’s helped, at the very least, put the Sport of Fitness on the map and inspired people to start moving with vigor.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,

Tyler English Z




What Natural Bodybuilding Has Given Me

This piece was originally meant to be part of my book, The Natural Bodybuilding Bible, but as with any book, not everything makes the final cut. I thought the words I shared here were too important to keep hidden. This is why Natural Bodybuilding is a major part of my life. Enjoy. 

When I entered the bodybuilding world in 2005 all I knew, was what I read.

Reading and researching have continued to help shape my personal self. It’s learning from others that have helped build the foundation for who I’ve become as a business owner, fitness professional and bodybuilder.

In late 2008, I thought I’d made it. I’d become a WNBF Professional Natural Bodybuilder.

What I didn’t realize is there were flaws in my game. I’d been playing a guessing game and wanted to make sense of it all. After my first year competing as a Professional in 2009, I’d been humbled, missing the Pro World Finals by 1-point.

Shortly there after, I’d experience my emergency appendectomy and fall into a feeling of depression.

During my recovery period, in January of 2010, I’d also attend 4-time WNBF World Champion Nancy Andrew’s yearly Bodybuilding Pro Camp, as a presenter.

It was Nancy’s words of encouragement and eventual friendship that would become a driving force behind what sparked my early interest in a sport, I didn’t realize at the time, would become a major part of my life. It was at this seminar that I’d finally have the opportunity to meet and speak with Dr. Joe Klemczewski and his Diet Doc and Team K partner in crime, Kori Propst.

I was at a low point in my training, my nutrition and my bodybuilding direction. I’d lost weight, size, strength and my will to compete.

Our conversations took us to Joe’s development of The Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss Clinic, after all, I worked with hundreds of people looking to lose weight and feel better and Dr. Joe provided a great solution.

What I failed to realize, at first conversation, was that my simple conversation about business and client success would lead me to becoming a partner with the guy who has given Natural Bodybuilding contest preparation the direction it has always lacked. It was through Dr. Joe’s education, knowledge, coaching and guidance that I’d not only become the go to nutritional consultant in the Farmington Valley of Connecticut, but I’d become a well-known Professional Natural Bodybuilder by making a serious splash on stage in 2010.

I owe a ton of what I know as a nutritional coach, a bodybuilder and a contest preparation coach to Dr. Joe. It’s because of the team he’s built, with people like Kori, that I’ve developed a strong understanding for the psychological side of nutrition, training and bodybuilding.

I’ve gained a strong understanding of the art of posing because of friends like fellow professional Bill Murphy.

Fellow professional bodybuilder, fitness professional and photographer, Jordan Chabinsky has given me a new found respect for the art of stage photography.

It’s dynamic duos like Karen and Anthony Monetti that have allowed me develop a new found love for this sport and power couples like Liz and Evan Marcantonio who are true ambassadors of team work, while living a lifestyle that displays how to fit bodybuilding into your current life.

Since that conversation in 2010, to use a Dr. Joe phrase, fine-tuned my approach to bodybuilding and contest preparation. I’ve developed friendships with those above and many more that I consider my “Bodybuilding Family.”

Leaders in our industry, like Nancy Andrews, who I owe a great deal of gratitude, are the reasons I love this misunderstood sport.

The Men’s Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible, may be called a “Bible,” but my hope is that it will only become a stepping stone for the inevitable growth this sport will undertake in the years to come.

The sport of Natural Bodybuilding has given me so much in life, as I believe it will for many of you.

Bodybuilding may never define me, though it has helped shape the man I’ve become.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,

Tyler English

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