50 Things the Fitness Industry Forgot to Tell the Facility Owner


It’s been a while since I’ve shared any content with my followers.


In fairness, there’s no excuses, I should have been better about the delivery of valuable information and I need to work harder to complete my work for you.


I’ve had to put a lot of time into writing and editing my book (to be released in May 2013) since March and spent a majority of my time working on the future of my personal training business.


As a business owner, more specifically, a fitness business owner, I’ve endured a few bumps in the road, staff changes and client issues. When you, as an aspiring owner, set out on a venture to start your own business, in fitness or any field, you will encounter the aforementioned topics along with a laundry list of others.


Before I started my business I never had someone guide me into my transition from personal trainer to fitness business owner. Sure, I’ve had business mentors and after all, I did just “jump” into entrepreneurship without asking anyone for permission.


I didn’t run it by anyone; I made the decision on my own.


And rewind some four years ago, things have grown and I’ve evolved.


Though, it would have been great if someone had said, “Tyler, you need to prepare yourself for ______.” Insert the growing list of “things” a person could have possibly attempted to prepare me for.


So, here it goes, I’m going to do my best to share with you, the aspiring fitness business owner, my list of; “What the Fitness Industry Doesn’t Tell You About” and for this part, our topic is, “Operating a Personal Training Facility.”


What the Fitness Industry Doesn’t Tell You About Operating a Personal Training Facility.


  1. Owner doesn’t mean you don’t work.
  2. Clients want as much the experience as they do a program that works.
  3. Your staff, past, present and future, will have their own agendas.
  4. Everyone, at some point, who works for you, will entertain the thought of “doing this on their own.”
  5. The majority of those people don’t realize the amount of work required.
  6. You’ll need to learn how to multi task.
  7. You will learn accounting visite site.
  8. You will become everything to everyone.
  9. Your life will revolve around work and your work will revolve around life.
  10. For a period of time, #9 will be hard to avoid.
  11. Coaching, is not the only thing you do.
  12. Time vampires will suck the life out of valuable free time.
  13. You’ll be offered every possible business venture from the next best supplement to the next best piece of equipment.
  14. You will grow to be the most energetic person you know at 5am, or your clients will hate you.
  15. The term “General Population” will form the foundation of your clientele.
  16. Those same clients above are harder to please than any athletes you train.
  17. People will complain, for some, it’s a way of life.
  18. You’ll hate taxes.
  19. You’ll hate payroll more.
  20. Bigger, is not always better. (We are talking about facility size here.)
  21. Smaller, will become too small.
  22. The term “Expert” will be used by anyone who becomes published online or in any certain publication.
  23. You’ll respect the book “The Outliers” even more.
  24. You’ll read more about business, than you do training.
  25. The term Mastermind, will seem more like a second family.
  26. You will hate email.
  27. Programming is an art.
  28. Studying your craft, is part of the job.
  29. Your job hours
  30. Groupon and daily deal sites, can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
  31. Thanks to Daily Deal sites, you’ll have a new understanding for the term “Workout Tourist.”
  32. You’ll struggle to find the “right” web designer.
  33. No matter how pretty your website, if your service sucks, your online lead generation won’t matter.
  34. Sales is part of the job, it’s your livelihood.
  35. Just because your program generates six figures, doesn’t make you a “six figure trainer,” as the industry would lead you to believe.
  36. Exercise isn’t complicated, our industry makes it seem this way.
  37. Everyone will have advice for you, everyone.
  38. Failure is an option. It’s what you do next that will lead to your success.
  39. 50/50 partnerships are a bad ownership model.
  40. You’ll be tempted to join the Internet world shortly after starting your business, wait, perfect your craft and help your clients first. It only adds to your credibility later.
  41. Websites are a pain in the ass.
  42. The term corporation will be defined by terms like LLC, S-corp. and Inc.
  43. Your small business will seem a lot “bigger” at times.
  44. Don’t reinvent the wheel, but integrate that which you believe in.
  45. Pave your own path by evolving your training system.
  46. Your running a business, never forget that.
  47. The key to failure is to try to please everyone.
  48. Schedule your life, time is valuable.
  49. Most gym owners are miserable, surround yourself with people who care about your vision and you won’t become one of them.
  50. Always remember why you opened your doors.


Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,
Tyler English


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  1. Steve Anderson says:

    Always remember clients are your business!!!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing! I’m planning to open up my own gym soon, and I feel that these tips are REALLY helpful. 😀