5 Ways to Detox Naturally

Detox diets still seem to get the attention in the fitness industry. For the good and the bad, I’m not detox diet guy, I like real food, natural food, whole food and for that matter, I also like bad food, after all I am human.

Contrary to what you’ve been told before, you can detox your body with food and exercise. It just takes smart choices, lots of planning, execution and some time outside of your comfort zone.

Over the last 3 weeks I guess you could say I was on my own vacation. I married the love of my life and went on an amazing honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. It’s safe to say I ate too much and drank way too much alcohol, so if there is a time where my body needs a natural detox, it is now!

With my over indulgence in this time period, it was nice to come home and clean things up. It also got me thinking about what I could share with you, to help you recover from summer festivities, like vacation or the usual culprit, laziness and neglect.

I wanted to share 5 easy ways you can detox your body, naturally, with real food, exercise and some dedication.

5 Ways to Detox

1. Move With Vigor – Training intensely should be the goal. Exercise shouldn’t be easy, especially when working to get the most bang for your buck. In essence, you’ve done plenty of damage while on vacation or away from the gym, now is your time to move with purpose. Stop doing the bodybuilding workouts for a few weeks and start moving with more intent. Try introducing yourself to Mr. Huff and Puff and add in more Metabolic Resistance Training and Conditioning into your program. Total body strength circuits and sprints can go a long way, in a short time.

2. Consume The Muscle Builder – Eat more protein. Protein provides the body with essential amino acids to help rebuild damaged muscle fibers from intense exercise. Sounds simple yes, but when we vacation, make bad diet choices, this is often accompanied by a lack of protein in our diet, which can in the long run lead to a loss of lean muscle tissue. Protein also allows the body to feel satiety, keeping you satisfied and allowing you to spend more time between meals, to allow glycogen levels to fall in the body, so your body can access more body fat stores.

3. Drink The Clear Stuff – Not Vodka…Water, water, water. We typically, as a society, do not drink enough water. It’s what makes up the majority of our body and has great detoxifying principles, it’s good for your muscles, your blood vessels, and your gut health. Start your day with a tall glass of water at room temperature, easier on an empty stomach and continue to consume daily, not just when you eat, and aim for a gallon. The continuous bathroom breaks the first few days will subside the longer you stay consistent with your overall intake. Your stomach, workouts and muscles will thank you.

4. Twigs and Berries – Well, not really twigs, but vegetation of sorts. Vegetables, lots of green (no extra guac does not count) and lots of color are neglected in our daily diet and especially when we aren’t on our normal routine. Increasing your green intake will help control hormones that effect hunger and will increase your fiber intake, great for digestion. The next time you get ready to eat your next meal, start with a large green spinach salad with lots of veggies and a small serving of a fruit like blueberries or strawberries to ramp up the antioxidant components of your meal.

5. Be Naturally Hardcore – I know, you think I’ve lost it. Hear me out. Challenge your body’s self-control. You can do anything for a day, now think about when that day turns into a week, it’s gotten easier, then that week turns into 2 and 3 weeks. What I’m telling is to live your life but challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone. For the next 15-30 days cut out all the stuff you know isn’t right. Stop eating out, prepare your food, cut out the processed foods, eat more lean proteins, eat the greens you’ve been avoiding, cut back the carbohydrates and save them for post workout meals, commit to intense exercise and not only detox your body, but gain a new lifestyle. Naturally hardcore isn’t about the guy or girl who can deadlift or squat a ton of weight, it’s about the wife or husband, mother or father, business owner or executive who lives a busy life and still finds the time to do what is required to live by a set of principles that build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Now that is my definition of NATURALLY HARDCORE.

Give these 5 tips a go and let me know how you are doing.

Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better

Tyler English